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Philippa has created a series of classes with the goal of transforming your dressmaking skills. 

Twelve classic classes

Philippa's classic series of 12 dressmaking classes covering a wide range of foundational techniques and creating twelve garments.    

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Chanel style jacket  

A comprehensive class looking at all the specific techniques you will need to create a Chanel style jacket that looks just as good as an original!

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The pocket series

Three classes exploring designing and sewing Patch pockets, In-seam pockets and Welt pockets to ensure your pockets are both beautiful and functional.

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Philippa's classic, transformational dressmaking classes

Philippa Naylor has recorded 12 online classes teaching you how to sew clothes you will be proud to wear. Whether you are a beginner wanting to learn the basics, or a more experienced garment maker wanting to improve your skills, these classes are for you.

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Pockets Series 

Philippa's latest series of classes. If you like pockets you are going to love Philippa Naylor's series of pocket classes. Three separate classes each offering over three hours of teaching on these distinct pocket styles. Patch Pockets, In-seam Pockets and now Welt Pockets.

Perfect Patch Pockets

Philippa's "Patch Pockets" class will inspire you with detailed instructions, techniques and design ideas for 10 different patch pocket styles.

£25 / $33

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In-seam Pockets

Philippa's "In-seam Pockets" class will inspire you with a range of options and design ideas to add pockets to the side seams of garments.

£25 / $33

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Welt Pockets

Learn to make four different types of welt pockets to add to your garments


£25 / $33

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Pocket Class Bundle

Get all three classes for the price of two


£50 / $65

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The Chanel Style Jacket 

It as been said that every woman should own a Chanel style jacket - and you might have thought this was beyond your reach and above your skill level. Not now! With over 9 hours of detailed instructions, covering every aspect of the make, Philippa explains the entire process whilst giving you many options.

Philippa Naylor is the perfect teacher to guide you through this exiting and informative  process - giving you precise instructions and demonstrations of every step. The end result will be a beautiful Chanel style jacket you are proud to wear on every occasion.


This is a series of occasional live workshops.

Sewing Machine Savvy

This is the recording of a live workshop with nearly 2 hours of Philippa helping you to get the best from your sewing machine.

  • Learn how to get the best stitch tension top AND bottom
  • Explore Philippa's favourite machine feet
  • Understand the difference between walking feet and built-in dual feed
  • Discuss the most useful machine functions
  • Find out which needle is best for which job
  • Discover what makes a great sewing machine set up
  • Master cleaning and oiling your machine

 £10 / $12

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The Curtain Class

If you are looking for Philippa Naylor's Curtain Class click here